Disaster Recovery as a Service

IT emergency planning with DRaaS

Recovery planning with DRaaS concepts

In today’s world, the partial or complete loss of data can qucikly mean the end for entire companies. 

SkySystems IT GmbH has developed DRaaS concepts, which guarantee a managed restart in case of data loss in the company. 

This means that at least three copies are saved. These copies are stored on two different sources. At least one copy is additionally stored at an external location – as in our concepts on servers in high-availability data centers.  

At precisely specified time interval, the backups oft he local servers are encrypted and transferred directly to the data center. 

If a company suffers data loss – for example, due to fire, water damage, virus attacks etc. – the tested backup can be used for a targeted restart. 

All customer data is hosted on our server infratsructure in the data senter until the on-site infrastructure is fully operational once again or the company decides to use a permanent data center operation.  

Disaster Recovery as a Service: Our data centre in Germany.
Disaster Recovery as a Service: Our data centre in Germany.

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