Network Access Control

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Network Access Control: Keep an overview of your corporate network

Gain a complete and always up-todate overview of activities in your corporate network with macmon’s Network Access Control (NAC).

You know at any time which devices are in your network and can efficiently monitor your PCs, printers, notebooks as well as your medical, technical and other devices at any time and protect them from unauthorized access. 

In additon to immediate network transparency for LAN and WLAN, macmon’s NAC solution als enables compliance with current IT security standards (e.g. DIN 27001 or DIN 80001-1). 

Macmon meets the BSI security criteria acccording to Common Criteria. National and national companies are thus guaranteed o receive a government-approved security solution with macmon.  

Network Access Control by macmon
Network Access Control by macmon

Advantages of macmon

  • Quick overview of the entire network  
  • Unkown devices and anomalies are detected and isolated immediately  
  • BSI-security criteria are met 
  • Implemented within one day  
  • Bring-your-own-device connection possible 

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