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Companies need to protect their employees while ensuring that business operations continue at any time. As a result, many are moving their work to the home office, as long as the employees‘ fields of activity allow it. However, for productive work from home to be possible at all, suitable tools are needed for smooth communication and collaboration with work colleagues and customers. SkySystems can assist you in the selection of these tools as well as in their setup, support and maintenance. 

Woman in HomeOffice. She is sitting in front of her computer. Wearing headphones and is taking notes
Woman in HomeOffice. She is sitting infront of her computer. Wearing headphones and is taking notes
  • Secure VPN connection from home office to company server
  • Setting up telephone solutions with software – based telephone systems or call diversions  
  • Provision of business – relevant software 
  • Virtual conference rooms for exchanging ideas with colleagues  
  • Microsoft Teams for better team work 

We have solutions for your needs

We set up secure home workstations for you. Via VPN connection employees can access the company’s systems, no matter if telephone system or enterprise resource planning. Via virtual conference rooms, you can stay in contact and continue working on projects as a team.  

Important: Security on the home computer  

Security comes first and not just when avoiding contact with work colleagues. If you need to access your office computer or company server services from your home computer, then it is essential that your home computer is fully protected against viruses and attacks.  

The scenario of attackers accessing the office computer from an infected or hacked home computer via TeamViewer or accessing company servers via the VPN tunnel should not be underestimated. 

With Microsoft 365, you get all the work tools you need for everyday office life in a cloud – based or hybrid software solution.

Applications for communication and collaboration in the team are already integrated. You can work with your employees in a mobile and flexible way at any time: Check emails on the go, manage appointments and work on shared files.  

It is irrelevant whether you work on a smartphone, PC or tablet, you can use your license on all your devices because the entire environment is moved to the cloud. This in turn makes maintenance easier for you, such as updates for all devices or changes to your company structure. In a nushell, this means that every employee can work and exchange information with colleagues and customers from any devices location without any great expense. The relevance of the data is given by the cloud structure.  

HomeOffice Microsoft 365
HomeOffice Microsoft 365

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