The SkySystems Group

Who is behind?

The SkySystems Group consists of 6 companies

The SkySystems Group under the company name of SkySystems Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH includes the SkySystems IT GmbH, SkySystems Nord GmbH,, SkySystems Zentrale Dienste GmbH and SkySystems USA Corp. 

The SkySystems Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH was founded in 2015 to spin off various competencies from SkySystems IT GmbH. The group of companies currently employs over 70 people at the five locations in Germany and one in Texas, USA. 

The SkySystems companies specified on IT subjects just as IT Security, Infrastructure, Data Center and Support. The second part of the companies name describes in which area of Germany the company is located, except the US, of course. The is specified on webdevelopment, app-development and the development of individual programms.

SkySystems IT GmbH logo in CI colours green and blue and their slogan "Professional IT Solutions"
SkySystems Nord GmbH logo in CI colours green and blue and their slogan "Professional IT Solutions"
SkySystems USA Corp. logo and the slogan "Professional IT Solutions"
The Logo of and their slogan "Wir schaffen Digitalisierung"

Which advantages does the SkySystems Group have?

For you this means that you don’t have to deal with generalists! We outsourced topics like for example app- and web development into different companies, that are our own. This is how we can make sure that all our employees are specialists in the things they do!

This also means because of short distances and feedback possibilities, your problem will be solved and your wishes will become reality very soon!

Hand in hand

We know each other well and helping each other out is no business. That means your problems are solved soon!

Short periods for feedback

Because we don’t have to contact external companies if you need help, you will hear from us soon!

Specialists in all subjects

Because of the different companies, we have specialists for all subjects and no generalists.

24 / 7

If you wish, we can offer 24 / 7 support. Because of our locations in Germany and the US we can guarantee short reaction periods.


You benefit from our great partner network from Germany and the US, which means you always get the best opportunity.

Standard vs. individual solution

Doesn’t matter if you wish a standard solution or if you need an individual concept: We can do both!

Contact persons

Bjoern Steinbrink

Managing Director

Bjoern founded the progressio IT GmbH 2016 in Iserlohn, Germany and grew it up until 2020 within 12 Employees. In 2019 he also founded the PIT Academy GmbH in Iserlohn, Germany, which trains IT specialists as its core business. Both companys were managed by Bjoern as a Managing Director.

After the partial sale of the progressio IT GmbH in 2019, he worked for the SkySystems Group from 2020 as one of the top managers. Bjoern Steinbrink finally brought SkySystems to Texas! He took care of several customers in the US before, but travelling between the USA and Germay was no long-term opportunity. In March 22 he founded the SkySystems US Corp.

tel. +1 (512) 456 - 7882

Roger Geitzenauer

Managing Director

Roger Geitzenauer founded the SkySystems IT GmbH in Iserlohn, Germany, in 2013 after working self-employed even while and after his high school graduation. Around 60 employees for different subjects and totally four locations followed over the years and finally the SkySystems Group was born. He is still head of the group today.

The purchase of progressio IT GmbH in 2019 was an essential milestone on the way to building up a respectable group of companies. With his new top manager Bjoern, growth was accelerated and he founded projects gmbh as a spin-off from SkySystems IT. GmbH and progressio IT GmbH. Roger was also involved in the expansion into the USA.

tel. +49 2374-40948- 0

Roger Geitzenauer, Founder SkySystems Group. A man in a black shirt with the SkySystems logo on his left collar. He has a short hair cut and and shaved face.

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