With SkySystems you have an expierienced partner in the field of IT security at your side.

IT-Security as a principle

SkySystems stands for IT-Security. First and foremost, of course with regard to your sensitive company data and network security. But also for the security that your business operations are fully guaranteed from a technical point of view 365 days a year, 24/7.


With us, you have an experienced partner in the field of IT-Security at your side. We offer all the IT-Security solutions you need as a company. Secure IT is more a question of concept than of a large budget. Costs for IT-Security vary greatly, depending on the nature of the company, and can therefore hardly be generalized.

Together with you, we define the security requirements, develop a suitable IT strategy for you, bring in our many years of experience and create an overall concept for you that can also be implemented economically.

Firewall blocked Data stream
Data streams blocked by the firewall.
Firewall allowed data stream
Streams of data allowed through the firewall.
IT-Security: Risk Report After the test, the customer receives a detailed report.
IT-Security: Risk Report After the test, the customer receives a detailed report.

Penetration test to protect systems

The fact that IT systems are constantly at risk of being attacked is nothing new. Today, however, success depends more than ever on a functioning and secure IT infrastructure.

We use penetration test to uncover

  • the damage hackers can cause by attacking your systems
  • how easily unauthorized persons can penetrate your IT infrastructure
  • how much protection your firewall actually offers.

In doing so, we attack your systems specifically and systematically with known attack vectors.

In a final report and risk assessment we list the detected vulnerabilities and possible solutions to improve your IT-Security level.

Virus protection

A functioning virus protection is essential nowadays. It fends off malware such as viruses, worms and Trojans that try to infiltrate your corporate network.

Good antivirus software is designed to detect suspicious or malicious files before they can cause damage or spread on the affected systems. The biggest challenge is the ever-increasing number of new malicious software. Criminals are developing ever more professional solutions to circumvent protective mechanisms.

Even if virus protection can ward off many dangers: Antivirus software alone does not offer complete protection and should be supplemented by other measures, such as a hardware firewall.


Strangers gaining access to your sensitive company data, can pose an existential threat to your company. In order to optimally protect your network from external attacks, we develop suitable firewall concepts for you. Firewalls monitor and control the entire incoming and outgoing communication of your company. We ensure that your important company data remains hidden from unauthorized persons and that you can work securely, whether in the office, on the road or at home.

Mail Security

E-mails have long been one of the most important communication media in companies.

When communicating via e-mail, there are clear legal regulations that companies must adhere to. This is not only about the audit-proof storage of e-mails and encryption technologies, but also about spam protection and virus defense.

Backup and recovery

A functioning data backup is enormously important for companies.

It is not only important to back up your data regularly, but also to have a backup strategy suitable for IT security solutions. There are various options here, a backup on hard disks, NAS systems or via the internet of our data center. We recommend that our customers keep several copies of the backup in different locations.

The consequence: The data can be completely and quickly restored in the event of loss. In this way, irretrievable data loss can be prevented.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) models regulate a controlled restart of your IT systems in the event of data loss – for example due to fire, water or theft. In cooperation with TMR – Telekommunikation Mittleres Ruhrgebiet – we have developed IT emergency concepts. In this way, data loss can be counteracted.

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