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Full service and managed service concepts

Full service and managed service concepts for your business

The efficient use of IT equipment is becoming increasingly complex and IT problems are not only a nuisance but can also disrupt important business processes. The cost of IT solutions are difficult to calculate. Our (full)service offer is aimed for all companies looking for an IT service at a fixed price.

As a full service provider, we fix any errors that occur, take care of updates, eliminate security gaps and proactively contact you when your or our action is needed. With full-service flat rate, we ensure a smooth IT infrastructure and trouble-free work processes, while you can concentrate on your core business. In addition to our full service, with managed services we also offer the components or the appropriate infrastructure.

Our IT full service is not limited to one subject field or a variety of services. Instead, we as a full service provider offer a full service activity, which is individually adaptable and bookable. This makes it easier for you to take full advantage of the services you need and to get closer to your company’s goal of a safer working environment.

We offer you everything from backup, mobile device, antivirus and firewall management to desktop and server management solutions.

Everything from a single source!

The managed services ensure maximum availability and reliability at calculable costs.

You bear no risk!

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It could not be simpler

  • Due to the customer’s obligation to cooperate, we enable you to install and set up the Microsoft account and Microsoft products on the relevant end devices of the respective users.
  • Along with the actual user flat rate, the location flat rate includes any recurring, scheduled maintenance activities that are performed remotely. In addition, maintenance at the configuration level is also included.
  • The infrastructure and information about the equipment, as well as the devices are recorded and stored in our system (including switches, firewall, printers, scanners, WiFi access points, UPS and similar active network components). This facilitates maintenance and in case of a support case we can react faster.
  • The support time is valid during our business hours (9 AM to 5 PM) and is charged monthly.

SkySystems as your full service provider: Your benefits

Individual Response Time

Same Contact Person

Increase Data Security

Sustainable Strategy


24/7 Monitoring

For the monitoring of our own servers and our customers systems, we rely on a monitoring system that sends an alarm to our support staff in case of any irregularity.

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