Our understanding of a trusting cooperation

Roger Geitzenauer, Founder SkySystems Group. A man in a black shirt with the SkySystems logo on his left collar. He has a short hair cut and and shaved face.
Founder SkySystems Group, Roger Geitzenauer

Due to its distinctive professionalism, the company SkySystems is interesting for small and medium-sized companies as well as for large customers who appreciate neutral and reliable advice, high professional competence and partnership-based cooperation. Through sustainable and solid growth, we are continuously expanding our radius of action and supporting our customers nationwide.

We make complex issues understandable for our customers and work with them to develop a suitable IT-solution for their business.

Through communication at eye level and fairness in dealing with our customers and business partners, we develop the trust that is essential for a long-term and constructive business relationship.

Our employees impress with many years of professional experience, wide-ranging knowledge in the IT sector and great initiative. Implementing challenging tasks is a personal sense of achievement for them. With us, our employees experience individual support through an interest-oriented distribution of tasks and an attractive working environment with a wide range of development opportunities. They enjoy working in a team and solving complex problems and tasks.

In accordance with our principle of neutrality, we do not support any political parties or institutions, regardless of their orientation, nor any church or religious institutions that are not officially recognized.