Our milestones.

Our history: How it all began

The SkySystems Group’s history is a story about a constantly growing IT company. The successful path began in 2013 in Iserlohn, Germany.



In 2014, the first employees were hired and the foundations for today’s corporate pillars were laid. The administration, system administration, development and data protection departments are created. With the growth in employees, a move is planned this year.

By the end of the year the number of employees will grow to a total of six. The location on Hagener Strasse quickly reached its spatial limits, so that the company had to move on to Oeger Strasse, still Iserlohn, Germany. Most of the employees from the very beginning are still working for the company today.


SkySystems IT GmbH now employs 15 people, two of whom are trainees. Again the company headquarter is too small. A new location is opened and houses the administration and system administration. The development department remains at the old location.


The company will have the largest increase in employees in 2016. The desire to accommodate all of the company’s employees together again at one location is growing. SkySystems now employs two employees for the desktop publishing area. Furthermore, IT training courses can be offered from this year. In the summer of 2016, the move to the location “Neumarkt 1”, Iserlohn, Germany, was planned and done, where all departments are then reunited again.

Headquarter in Iserlohn

The company continues to grow...


The number of employees grows to 25 employees. The sales department is set up.

... and is still growing.


On 1st of January, the progressio IT GmbH, founded 2016 by Bjoern Steinbrink, becomes part of the SkySystems Group and moves into the Iserlohn location. The group grows to 50 employees. From that day, Bjoern Steinbrink becomes one of the top managers of the SkySystems Group.


In April, the Connect 15 GmbH from Schuby (Schleswig-Holstein, Germany) joined the SkySystems Group and was renamed SkySystems Nord GmbH in October.

Location in Schuby.


Furthermore, since September we have been pleased about the support of SkySystems West GmbH, which is based in Dortmund, Germany, as the former TMH Solutions GmbH.

Location in Dortmund


We start to build up our new location in Iserlohn, which is going to be bigger and prettier than all the headquarters before. It is our goal to create a workingspace that combines functionality with enough space and a pleasant atmosphere for all our employees. But till then it is still a long way.

Building up our new headquarter in Iserlohn.

SkySystems USA Corp. is founded in 2022.


In June we are more than happy to announce that we moved into our new headquarter in Iserlohn, Germany.

Our new headquarter in Iserlohn, Germany, is not quite ready yet.

Our new headquarter in Iserlohn, Germany, is not quite ready yet.

The SkySystems Nord GmbH moved within Schuby and Nils Oehmichen became the new CEO. The new adress is

SkySystems Nord GmbH
Bahnhofstraße 9
24850 Schuby



The NCS Netzwerk & Computer System GmbH from Bochum is joining the group in October and is now calles SkySystems NCS GmbH.

SkySystems NCS GmbH